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Advice and support:

Often the biggest step is the first one, admiting to ourselves that we need help. The next few can also be pretty tough as well though.

Using an advice line can be a good step in talking our concerns out loud rather then just thinking them in our heads. Sometimes there might be a good friend or family member to turn to, to do this, but other times there might not, so this is a good option.

After this we might need to think about more support, there are a number of services and the types of support can at first seem confusing. ELCA are an alcohol only counselling based service. The Substance Misuse Services can offer precribing support. There are drop ins, self help groups and family based services.

Take you time. Read though them... where there's a phone number give them a call, just ask what they offer. If you don't know and are better with a 'real' person in front of you then head to one of the 'Gateway' points. Here staff will assess you and start you in the service that best suits your needs.

Not keen on the idea of professional help? Then think about the idea of mutual aid, coming together with other people who acknowledge they have a problem with alcohol, getting support and then when you're strong enough, supporting others.

See below for all these types of support. If in doubt then call the MELDAP Office number at the top right of this page.


Gateway to Recovery

From 6th February 2012, People with substance misuse problems across Midlothian and East Lothian will be able to self-refer to alcohol and drug services through the new Gateway to Recovery Clinics.

The Gateway to Recovery clinics will bring together NHS and Voluntary Sector Services to provide a comprehensive assessment for people trying to cope with and overcome problems caused or affected by alcohol or drugs.

Service users will benfit from a single point of access and standardised assessment and triage process for all alcohol and drug services in the areas.

All Services provided at the Gateway will be accessed through a drop in at the below locations:

Monday: Roodlands Hospital
Out Patients Department
Hospital Road, Haddington, 1pm to 4pm

Tuesday: Midlothian Substnace Misuse Service
Glenesk Centre
1/5 Duke Street, Dalkeith, 11am to 4pm

Thursday: East Lothian Substance Misuse Services
The Esk Centre
Ladywell Way
Musselburgh, 11am to 4pm

Friday: Eastfield Health Centre
Logan Lea Centre
Eastfield Farm Road, Penicuik, 9.30am to 12.30pm

The Gateway staff are drawn from NHS Lothian's Substance Misuse Directorate and Mid and East Lothian Drugs (MELD).

Professionals working in the substance misuse field in East and Midlothian can direct service users to any of the Gateway to Recovery clinics. Leaflets for professionals and service users will be circulated.

To find out more about the Gateway to Recovery clinics get in touch with one of the contacts below:

Midlothian: Bernadette Hare on 0131 660 6822
East Lothian: Pauline Fox on 0131 446 4853
Mid and East Lothian Drugs (MELD): Dave Gasparini on 0131 660 3566

Edinburgh & Lothian Council on Alcohol (ELCA)

6 Clifton Terrace
EH12 5DR
Tel: 0131 337 8188
Email: elca@btconnect.com

Mon-Thurs: 9am – 9pm
Friday: 9am – 4pm
Saturday: 9am – 2pm

ELCA services are open to anyone over the age of 18 who is worried about their own or someone else's drinking. Trained counsellors provide advice, information and counselling.  ELCA accepts self and formal referrals, all referrals are administered through its main office in Edinburgh.

East Lothian residents can access ELCA services at The Esk Centre, Musselburgh, Dunbar Medical Centre and the Musselburgh Primary Care Centre, while Midlothian residents can access ELCA services at Bonnyrigg, Dalkeith, or pencuik, while all residents can access the services at its base in Edinburgh.

East Lothian Substance Misuse Service

East Lothian Substance Misuse Service
The Esk Centre
Ladywell Way
EH21 6AB

Tel: 0131 446 4853

Monday - Thursday: 9am to 5pm
Friday: 9am to 4.30pm

ELSMS is a substance misuse service provided by consultant psychiatrists, GP (with special interest), psychologists, senior psychiatric nurses, substance misuse workers and occupational therapists. ELSMS offers substitute prescribing, advice and liaison with other services. ELSMS is a partnership between CDPS, MELD and NHS.

ADAPT (Assisting drug Addicted Parent Team)

Randall House
Macmerry Business Park
EH33 1RW
Tel: 01620 827554

The aim os to help improve lives of children whose parent(s) have substance misuse issues.  The team of Familiy Support Workers work alongside the parents and other support providers to help parents cease, reduce or stabilise their substance misuse, they also help parents improve their parenting skills through establishing boundaries and routines by ensuring their children attend nursery or school regularly and providing a safe home environment.

Children 1st (East Lothian)

Randall House
Macmerry Business Park
East Lothian
EH33 1RW
Tel: 01875 824 000

Family Group Meetings are a way of helping families fiend their own solutions to difficulties, with the familiybeing placed at the heart of the decision making process.  Our priorities are to work with families where a child is looked after and accommodated; at risk of accommodation; where permanency planning is taking place; and where children have additional support needs.

Our Young Families Outreach service supports families who are vunerable or under stress.  We provide individual and family support that enables parents to gain confidence and improve relationships within the family and with their children.  We also offer direct support to children using play and art materials.  In most cases we meet with families in their own homes, but also work with children at school or in the community.  Our priorities are to work with families who have a child aged 0-5, or who have a child aged 0-8 where the child is on the child protection register or is looked after and accommodated.  We work closely with other agencies such as scoila work, health, schools and community organisations to achieve the best for children.

Bfriends provides support and freindship to children and young people aged 5-16 who are experiencing difficuties within the family and as a result are left feeling isolated and vunerable.  Trained volunteers befriend children and young people on a one-to-one basis and help to build children's confidence and self esteem, and open up opportunities for personal and social development.

Friday Friends

Nungate Community Centre

Tuesdays: 1pm to 3pm
Fridays: 12.30 to 2pm

Friday Friends is an outreach programme for those in the community who are experience some degree of exclusion assocaited with alcohol and/or drug misuse issues and/or related mental health issues. Family members are also welcome to come along for support. They meet on Tuesdays 1-3pm and Fridays 12.30-2pm serving a lovely  lunch of home made soup, salad, meats, cheeses, puddings and more. Counselling is available at both sessions with draft sessions on Tuesdays. Find out more by checking out their website or dropping them an email.


St Andrew Blackadder Church Hall
North Berwick
Tel: 01620890056

Tuesdays: 12pm to 2pm

Oasis is a friendly & informal social group for adults experiencing difficulties with drugs and alcohol. A light lunch of soup and sandwiches is available at each session followed by coffee, chat and social activities.

For further information contact Paul Thewlis, Community Development Officer

MELD (Midlothian and East Lothian Drugs)

6a Newmills Road
Tel: 0131 660 3566
Email: office@meld-drugs.org.uk
Web: www.meld-drugs.org.uk

Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm

MELD aims to reduce the harm associated with drug use by providing free and confidential services for individuals whose lives are affected by drugs/ or alcohol. Provided in a variety of settings across Mid and East Lothian, services include information, advice, support, client work with a counselling approach, needle exchange, family support groups, working with offenders, group work and auricular acupuncture.

Auricular acupuncture sessions will run from February to November 2012. Auricular acupuncture is a recognised and effective treatment within substance misuse field.  Attendance is by referral only and these groups will be offered from a range of locations including; Dalkieth, Bonnyrigg, Musselburgh, Haddington.

MELD offer a Peer Support Group on a Thursday between 6 and 7 pm from our offices in Dalkeith from clients living in Midlothian.  The group offers individuals the opportunity to meet up and talk about their recovery journey whilst providing support to one another. MELD are currently making plans to develop another Peer Support Group in East Lothian.

MELD will be delivering SMART recovery groups across Mid and East Lothian from April 2012 with clear focus on individual's recovery using the SMART model.

MELD Also plan to develop a well being group to provide support for individuals who find it difficult to manage such issues as anxiety and stress. Groups running in both Mid and East Lothian are planned to start April 2012.  For further information on any of the above please contact MELD direct.

Children 1st

Units 9-10
40 Hardengreen Business Park
Dalhousie Road
EH22 3NU
Tel: 0131 654 9540
Web: www.children1st @org.uk

Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm

The Midlothian Family Support Service is an early intervention service, co-located and working in partnership with adult service providers within the Substance Misuse Service in Midlothian. They will support parents to recognise the impact of their substance use on their children and help them to ensure their children's needs are fully met. They willwork with children and young people, individually and in small groups to increase self esteem, confidence and resilience.

The Midlothian Young Carers Service provides support and advice tailored to meet the idividual needs of young people acreoss Midlothian who find themselves caring for a dependant relative at home. Their staff provides both individual and group activities aimed at helping the young people enjoy their lives.

Midlothian Substance Misuse Service (SMS)

Glenesk Centre
1/5 Duke Street
EH22 1BG
Tel: 0131 660 6822

Mon-Thurs: 9am to 5pm
Friday: 9am to 4.30pm

The Midlothian Substance Misuse Service brings together nurses, doctors, social workers and psychologists. The service specialises in the assessment, care and treatments of people who have problems related to alcohol and/or drug misuse. The purpose of the SMS is to help young people make positive changes to their lives and offer support and guidance.


VOCAL Midlothian
Grannies Park
Edinburgh Road
EH22 1JY

Tel: 0131 663 6869
Email: Midlothian@vocal.org.uk

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm

VOCAL is the Voice of Carers Across Lothian and is an organisation run by carers for carers. Many carers are unaware of the support available to them or what they may be entitled to. VOCAL's Carer Support Team works with carers on a one to one basis to help identify the issues affecting them and achieve the best possible outcome.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Northern Service Office (Scotland)
Baltic Chambers
50 Wellington Street
Glasgow, G2 6HJ
Tel: 0141 226 2214; 0845 7697 555 (24hr helpline)
Email: Help@alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk
Web: www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk

Monday-Friday: 9am to 4.30pm
For information about AA meetings in the Lothians go to:


Alcoholics Anonymous is a group of people whose main purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. All members have had a problem with alcohol during their lives and are trying to recover.

Al-Anon Scotland

Unit 6 Mansfield Park
22 Mansfield Street
Glasgow G11 5QP
Tel: 0141 339 8884
Email: alanonuk@aol.com
Web: www.24dr.com

Monday-Friday: 10am to 4pm

Al-Anon provides group support to people affected by someone else’s drinking. Members share their experiences, strengths and hopes at meetings to help each other cope.


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