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New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

The Psychoactive Substances Bill reached Royal Assent on the 28th of Januray 2016, and will become law on the 26th of May 2016.  See below a link to the Scottish Drug Forum website for more information:


If you get the rattles, feel unwell, or go into withdrawal then please get help from the various sources below:

There are no substitute drugs, like methadone for ethylphenidate 30/03/2017

Recovery Walk Scotland 2017 - Date Announced!!

This years Recovery Walk will take place in Dundee on Saturday 30th September 2017.


Newbattle Health and Wellbeing drop-in

Every Monday 3.30pm-5.30pm @ Newbattle Community Learning Centre

Newbattle health and wellbeing drop-in runs every monday from Newbattle Community Learning Centre in Newtongrange. The drop-in times are 3.30pm-5.30pm. The drop-in exists to provide health and wellbeing services for young people aged 12-21 years and is delivered jointly by MYPAS, Midlothian Council and NHS Lothian School Nursing. The drop-in is accredited by Healthy Respect.

Young people can turn up without an appointment and can receive advice, information and services about sexual health and relationships, mental health, substance use and other aspects of health and wellbeing. Young people can access free condoms as the drop-in is part of the c:card service as well as pregnancy testing and emergency contraception. Staff can also refer young people onto specialist services including counselling and drugs and alcohol support.

Newbattle Health and Wellbeing drop-in, Newbattle Community Learning Centre, 67 Gardiner Place Newtongrange, EH22 4RT


My Family and Alcohol is for parents, wives, husbands, partners, grandparents , aunts, uncles, cousins.. basically any family member…. who is worried about alcohol in their lives.


Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF) advising people who choose to use ecstacy pills and/or MDMA, to be aware that the overall strength has increased in recent years, meaning it is easy to take too much which can result in serious side effects.

For more information click on the link below:



A further new Cocaine Anonymous meeting is starting up on a Thursday 7.30pm to 8.30pm at the Community Hub, Bogwood Court, Mayfield.


A new Cocaine Anonymous meeting is taking place every Wednesday night 8pm to 9pm in the MELD Office, 6a Newmills Road, Dalkeith starting on Wednesday 26th October 2016. 17/10/16

Police Scotland have issued a drugs warning following the death of a 16 year old female in Newtongrange on Saturday 15th October 2016. Enquiries into the circumstances surrounding her death are at a very early stage, however one line of enquiry officers are following is that she may have had access to Ecstasy type tablets.

These tablets are known as:


Anyone who has taken these tablets is urged to seek immediate medical attention. Furthermore, anyone who has access to any of these tablets is strongly urged not to take them.

Police Scotland's message is clear. There is no safe illegal drug and no safe way to take illegal drugs.

Anyone who has any information regarding these drugs is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101 or alternatively call crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Here is the 1st Recovery Connections newspaper! http://tinyurl.com/hmf5mq8


Have a read at this pilot study which was aimed to test the unity of using life story methods to generate qualitaive data amoung a group of men who had experienced self-harm or suicidal throughts or actions, exploring accounts of alcohol use across the lifecourse.


Horizons are holding a life skills course looking at understanding why we feel as we do, anxiety control etc, to find out more click here.


Alcohol Focus Scotland has recently launched a new toolkit to help people raise concerns about the impact of alcohol in their local community. The toolkit outlines actions that people can take about problems alcohol is causing in their local area. It also explains how the licensing process works in Scotland and provides practical tips for people who want to get involved but aren't sure where to start. Links to an interactive version of the toolkit, and a contact list of relevant licensing stakeholders (licensing board, licensing forum, licensing standards officer) in each board area, can be accessed here.


Can you really be sure your vulnerable relative is safe from harm? The warning signs can be hard to spot but we’ve got some simple tips to help you identify potential harm. Visit www.actagainstharm.org for more info

The Adult Support and Protection campaign is in its 3rd week and has reached all across Scotland.


There has been a slight change to the Gateways times at the Roodlands Clinic, they have moved to a morning time slot. To download the new leaflet click here.


A helpful summary of the key proposed changes in legislation regarding New Psychoactive Substances Bill has been produced. You can find the document here.


Horison's cafe are putting on a couple of workshops to help people out with their welfare rights and money management, please see poster for details.


In September 2014, the MELDAP Strategic Group accepted the report "Building a Recovery Orientated System of Care in Midlothian and East Lothian" with its recommendations in full. One of the recommendations was that MELDAP establish a pilot Recovery Network to nurture, support and develop an ethos of recovery amongst individuals in recovery, their families and the wider community.

In May 2015 McMillan Rome Ltd was commissioned to take this work forward. The work was timetabled into three phases;

1) Develop structure and constitution of network

2)Develop support structures, activity streams and grant funding

3) Review and exit plan

As part of the delivery phase one noted above, MELDAP can advise that Recovery Connections website is now active. This innovative resource [the first of its kind in Scotland] can be found at:




Starfish Cafe are having their Christmas Lunch this Wednesday, to book call Alex!




Horizons Cafe are having a Christmas Disco, have a look here!


The MELDAP  Delivery Plan describes the partnerships priorities over the next three years including support and treatment for adults misusing substances, reducing the harm to children, young people and families affected by substance misuse and enabling adults to recover from their addiction and regain control over their lives, To view the fulll report click here.


Midlothian Licensing Board

Midlothian Council is currently undertaking a public consultation on alcohol overprovision. The survey will be running until the 26th November 2015 and it can be accessed from the Midlothian council website:




The Midlothian Licensing Board has a licensing policy that guides its decision making. The policy must include a statement as to the extent to which the Board Considers there to be overprovision of licensed premises in any locality within the Board's area.

The Licensing Board policy states it will achieve the following objectives:

To assist the Board in making its decision, the public and key stateholders are beinf asked to examine the three documents available on the website (profile, summary and updated profile for the Dalkeith area) and provide their opinion about whether different areas of Midlothian are over provided.


MELDAP has published its latest Annual Report for the year April 2014 to March 2015. This has been an exciting year for the partnership with a number of developments, particularly in relation to Recovery. We have seen the launch of the Starfish Cafe in Musselburgh and the continued success of the Horizon Cafe in Dalkeith. MELDAP's pilot Recovery College delivered in partnership with Transitions/Access to Industry has delivered successful outcomes with people in recovery, we are currently piloting two Peer Support Worker posts and setting up a Recovery Network. For further information please have a look at the full report.


Have you tried The Drugs Meter yet?

The Drugs Meter allows you to see how your drug/alcohol use compares to other people just like you, offering objective, personalised feedback that takes your personal features in to account.

The Drugs Meter gives a in-depth analysis for nine drugs at present and offers objective feedback informed by medical experts.

A secure, anonymous web and smartphone app, drugs meter is independent and isn't funded by any government. It is committed to giving honest, accurate information. All data is anonymous, secure and cannot be traced back to any individual.

Try the Drugs Meter for yourself at www.globaldrugsurvey.com 


5th December 2014 - New Drink Drive Limit

As you may be aware Scotland's drink drive limit is being lowered and will come into effect on Friday 5th December 2014. The new limit is 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. This means that drivers could be breaking the law if they have drunk a small glass of wine or single pint of beer.

Under the new guidelines you could be over the limit the morning after an evening's drinking. Everyone is different in the way they process and digest alcohol, so it’s very difficult to accurately estimate the effect of alcohol on your system - so the best approach is don’t drink any alcohol at all if you intend to get behind the wheel.

Police Scotland have advised that they will be out in force this holiday season. The likelihood of being caught over the limit, if drinking,  is now greater than ever before. ELC Road Services is supporting a nationwide campaign to remind drivers of the new lower drink drive limit in Scotland and share advice on how to stay safe this festive period.

Further information and advice is available at Further information and advice is available at http://www.dontriskit.info/



Horizons cafe are having a Christmas party to find out more details click here they also have a christmas menu!


Edinburgh and Lothian Council on Alcohol now have a new Telephone Service (Focussed Support) which is Lorttery Funded, to find out more have a look at their new leaflet.


LEAP are holding an event in East Lothian around recovery to find out details click here.


CLEAR is holding a Peer Support Workshop event in September where they hope to enagage with services and individuals with an interest in Peer Support in the areas of substance use and/or mental health.  Click here to find out how to register for the event.


New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) Booklet

A new New Psychoactive Substances booklet recently produced by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and SDF  on safer injecting basics for New Psychoactive Substances had been launched, download a copy here.


MELDAP are working on redesigning the Substance Misuse Services that we fund and we want to know what is going well and what could be done better, so we want to hear from the experts, that's YOU! We are holding a Service User & Carers forum on Monday 19th May at the County Hotel in Dalkeith at 3pm. Full details can be found here.


The Gateway to Recovery Clinics leaflets have been updated to see the new leaflet click here.


MELDAP Quarterly Newsletter - The MELDAP Team has just issued the September Newsletter.  The Newsletter will give you a taste of what we have been up to for the last couple of months, to read the newsletter please click here.  Our next Newsletter will be out in December.


Consultation on Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards

Scotland has recently been involved in reviewing and updating the Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards which are now ready for consultation.  It is extremely improtant that people who deliver services and those who have experience of using services respond to the consultation so that Scottish views are truly represented within it.

The main consultation period runs from 1st August until 30th September 2013.

To contribute to the consultations please visit the project page here http://www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/about-us/competences%10national-occupational-standards/drug-and-alcohol-national-occupational-standards-review/. We are aware that you may not have time to go through all 13 of the Standards and urge you to focus on and respond to those most relevant or of interest to you if this is the case.  Your  response will help frame competency in Scotland as outlined in the Workforce Development Statement.  


Colleagues/Professionals - Its Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day on 9th September, to get ideas of what you could do to make people aware then head to our training page to download the toolkit.


International Overdose Awareness Day is happening on Saturday 31 August 2013. On the day please wear a Silver Badge. The silver badge is the universal symbol of awareness of overdose and its effects.


An interesting article on Alcohol-related Mortality in Deprived UK Cities: Worrying trends in young women challenge recent national downward trends.

Statement from MELDAP in relation to New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) in the East Lothian area:


"The Midlothian and East Lothian Drugs and Alcohol Partnership (MELDAP recently issues a warning about the dangers of New Psychoactive Substances [NPS], also known as "Legal Highs".

It comes after Police Scotland said there had been recent incidents in Musselburgh and East Lothian, where people have been admitted to hospital after taking the substances, which are often sold as bath salts, plant food and research chemicals, and can also be referred to as a "herbal highs".

Eibhlin McHugh, Joint director of Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership and Chair of MELDAP, said: "it is important to remind people that 'legal' does not mean 'safe'.

"These substances can cause serious harm especially when mixed with others such as alcohol. The chemicals used in legal highs change frequently so people can never be certain of what they are actually taking. In most cases, the products have not been tested, so little is known about how toxic they really are.

"MELDAP have specialist Substance Misuse Services that will assist people who have problems related to drug and alcohol use. These services can be accessed directly through the "Gateways to Recovery" Clinic at the following locations and times:"

Mondays, 1pm to 4pm at Roodlands Hospital, Out Patients Dept, Haddington,

Tuesdays, 11am to 4pm at Midlothian Substance Misuse Service, Glenesk Centre, Dalkeith

Thursdays, 11am to 4pm at East Lothian Substance Misuse Service, The Esk Centre Musselburgh,

Fridays, 10am to 1pm at Eastfield Health Centre, Logan Lea Centre, Penicuik.


Take a look at the 'Recovery Roots' Newsletter from the first Recovery Conversation Cafe that took place on the 30th November... exciting stuff.


Newbattle Abbey College in partnership with Midlothian Council is offering a Preparation for Further Education course starting January 22nd. The course includes core skills and preparation for employment with options in Rural Skills/ Landscaping or Social Sciences. Students will make their choices according to their progression routes. The course is bursary funded with possible help for childcare. Students who complete successfully can progress to Newbattle Abbey College’s Award course or Rural Skills course. Students will also be able to progress to other Further Education courses.See this flyer for details.


The Scottish Government are launching an alcohol campaign and have put together an alcohol toolkit which you can download here. Go to www.drinksmarter.org for further information.



The Scottish Government are launching an alcohol campaign and have put together an alcohol toolkit which you can download here. Go to www.drinksmarter.org for further information.


Quite a few people have signed up to the Dry Janurary website, promoted by Alcohol Concern there's also a drinking time machine that shows you how you age with drink which looks interesting.


An interesting piece on radio 4 discussing issues around the criminalisation of drugs.


The latest on the Minimum Unit Price for alcohol in a BBC News article.


Great News! Narcotics Anonymous (NA) return to Midlothian in Dalkeith see this flyer for details.


The campaign for a national recovery day continues... sign it here:


Change 4 Life Drinks Checker: that works out units, calories, cost of drinking alcohol, there's also a free mobile app. that does the same.


On Tuesday this week the Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs, Roseanna Cunningham, visited MELDAP because of the good work being done in Midlothian and East Lothian. Specifically the Scottish Government HEAT A11 Target which states that 90% of people should from referral, be in treatment within 3 weeks. The date to meet this target is March 2013. MELDAP has gone from one of the worst performing ADPs to one of the best in Scotland and the best in the Lothians.

The Minister met with Martin Bonnar, MELDAP Manager and the Joint Chairs Eibhlin McHugh and Murray Leys to discuss how this was achieved and also met with service representatives and service users. Much of the good work that was discussed focused on joint working between services and a key feature was the new Gateways to Recovery, launched in Febuary this year. An article on the Scottish Goverment website can be found here.

The Gateways are for anyone who is seeking support for their drug or alcohol use and are at the following times and locations:

Monday: Roodlands Hospital
Out Patients Department
Hospital Road, Haddington, 1pm to 4pm

Tuesday: Midlothian Substnace Misuse Service
Glenesk Centre
1/5 Duke Street, Dalkeith, 11am to 4pm

Thursday: East Lothian Substance Misuse Services
Edenhall Hospital
Edenhall Road, Musselburgh, 11am to 4pm

Friday: Eastfield Health Centre
Logan Lea Centre
Eastfield Farm Road, Penicuik, 10am to 1pm


The service directory webview has been updated and can be viewed here or by clicking the permanent link above. You can now also click on the service name in the contents and it will take you to the appropriate page.


Interesting blog about Novel Psychoactive Substances by Transform


Latest news from Alcohol Focus Scotland in eFocus, their August newsletter.


Have a look here for the lastest Drug and Alcohol Bulletin from the Scottish Governement.


A poll in a national newspaper indicates that people in the UK are favourable towards decriminalising and perhaps legalising drugs says the Transform Blog.


Check out this interactive map of drug use, facinating to look at the world wide differences.


Nicola Sturgeon confirms 50p as the target for the minimum price per unit of alcohol.


NHS Scotland have produced a report looking at computer based interventions and their effectiveness in relation to alcohol misuse. There appears to be potential but a lack of rigourous evidence to back it up.


On the Transform Blog; an Australian Think Tank, Australia 21, has released a paper looking at the failure of Australia's prohibitionist policies, "The Prohibition of Illicit Drugs is Killing and Criminalising our Children and We are all Letting it Happen." This comes at a similar time to the 6th Summit of the Americas where various Presidents and heads of state meet to discuss cross cutting issues across the Americas. One such issue is the war on drugs and looking again at the level of criminalisation. More information on this can be found further down on Transform's blog.


Interesting piece from Alcohol Policy UK on Dentists being asked to do brief interventions on peoples alcohol consumption.


Drugs Meter is an online tool that measures your drug use anonymously against everyone else who has completed it, currently over 13000. It also provides information about the risks and harms of drugs.


Scotland moves closer to minimum pricing, click here to read a short article on the Scottish Parliment website or to look at the full "Stage 1 Report on the Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) (Scotland) Bill" click here.


Free training: AWARENESS OF DRUGS & ALCOHOL IN BME COMMUNITIES" please click here to download the flyer.


East Lothian's Local Licensing Forum have a new website:


"The Forum's role is to keep under review the operation of the new licensing legislation in East Lothian and to give advice and make recommendations to the local licensing board."


Panorama: Britain's Hidden Alcoholics - Alastair Campbell explores 'the British middle class's troubled relationship with alcohol and his own long and complicated history with drink.' Linked to from Alcohol Policy UK, third post down. There's also an interesting piece on preventable alcohol deaths.


On the 6th February 2012 new "Gateway to Recovery Clinics" will open across Mid and East Lothian providing a single point of access for anyone wanting to access alcohol and drug services. These Gateways provide better access to services and the standardised assessment and triage process means service users get the support they need.

For a list of times please download the pdf here: Gateway to Recovery

There are two leaflets that can be downloaded as well: one for service users and one for professionals.


Drink Smarter: Alcohol Behaviour Change Campaign 2012. Drink Smarter is website with a number of different resources for parents, young people and professionals, click on the banner below to have a look. There is also a helpful toolkit with tips, articles and how to get involved. Download it from the webpage here.

drink smarter alcohol banner


From BBC News: "Sir Richard Branson has urged the government to take responsibility for drugs policy away from the Home Office and treat misuse as a "health issue".


Liver damage is now the 5th largest cause of death in the UK and is on the rise. The British Liver Trust have a new campaign with lots of information and a nice video that you can see here. Just click on the "click here to view our full video" at the bottom of the page.