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Support for Families

Substance misuse is a complex issue. It affects not only individuals but also their families, friends and communities.

A significant number of clients entering treatment in East Lothian and Midlothian are parents. The misuse of alcohol and drugs within families can have many poor consequences for both the parents and their children who are more likely to develop behaviour problems, experience difficulties with their schooling and are more likely to develop substance misuse problems themselves.

While all families at some time would benefit from some support, usually from family and friends, families affected by alcohol or drug misuse sometimes need specialist support to help them change. It is therefore important that substance using parents recognise that there are a number of supportive family services which understand the problems of being a substance misusing parent. The journey to recovery whether for an individual or family is possible. That journey can be made so much easier with the support of people who understand the difficulties, stress, setbacks and challenges that will be faced.

There are a range of services out there to help and we have listed some below that are specifically for families:

Mid and East Lothian Drugs (MELD) run a family support group. They work with any adult affected by a loved one's substance misuse. This support includeds a one to one counselling approach, drugs education, complimentary therapies and stress management and a group work programme that takes place across Mid and East Lothian.  To find out more contact MELD on 0131 6603566 or email Office@meld-drugs.org.uk

Prestonpans Family Support Group -  The group offers support and information to families and friends of anyone who is affected by others substance misuse. The group meets fortnightly on a Monday at 6.45pm and is service user led and provides a safe and confidetial space to share thoughts and feelings.. New members are always welcome, to find out more contatct the group on 01875 815 221 or 07795602572.

Midlothian Family Support Group - The group meets every 2nd Monday at 6.30pm and is run by family members. The group supports family members/friends who's loved one have struggled with alcohol and/or drugs use. Contact the group or 07549510387 or email midlothianfsg@gmail.com.

East Lothian Young Carers provides respite and support to young people aged 5-18 years old whose lives are affected by parental substance misuse. Please conatc the service on 01620 826 558 or email eastlothianYC@aol.com.

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs provide support to family members and friends who have been affected by the drugs and/or alcohol misuse of a relaitve or loved one and raise awareness of the issues affecting them.  To find out more on groups that are taking place please call 0141 221 0544 or email info@sfad.org.uk

VOCAL Midlothian have a dedicated Family Addictions Worker in place to support family members and friends affected by someone else's alcohol or drug misuse. This service provides free, confidential, one-to-one and group suppuort, as well as work shops and training. To find out more contact VOCAL on 0131 663 6869 or email midlothian@vocal.org.uk

My Family and Alcohol is for parents, wives, husbands, partners, grandparents , aunts, uncles, cousins.. basically any family member…. who is worried about alcohol in their lives.


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Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may share their common problems and help others recover from alcoholism. 

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VOCAL (Voice of Carers Across Lothian) manages the Edinburgh and Lothian carers website in partnership with other carer organisations. VOCAL supports carers in all family or relationship settings. VOCAL services include information, advice and emotional support, training, advocacy, counselling and group work. 

Talk to Frank:


This national site provides a wide range of information for adults, young people and parents on a wide range of drugs as well as a helpline; what to do if you are worried about someone’s substance use and people’s own stories.

Scottish Families Affected by Drugs:


Scottish Families Affected by Drugs aims to provide support to families across Scotland who are affected by drug misuse and raise awareness of the issues affecting them. 



The site provides information about solvent and volatile substance abuse in a range of formats. The site provides factsheets and a free online training course.

Kids Health:


American based site with lots of information for parents, kids and teens on a variety of health related topics including alcohol, drugs and smoking.

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Inexcess TV uses the power of personal experience, television and the internet to help people when drink, drugs and other excessive behaviours have become a problem in their life, or the lives of others.